Lifelike, stain resistant composite bonding material is used to reshape misaligned, damaged, stained, or widely spaced teeth. Bonding does not require you to wait for your final restorations to be fabricated in a lab. So with just one visit you can be enjoying your new smile.


Inlays and onlays restore teeth with mild to moderate decay or fractures when the damage is not severe enough for a crown. These restorations require less removal of tooth structure, conserving more of your natural tooth, while giving the tooth strength and beauty only obtained using today’s advanced porcelains.


Advancements in dental porcelain technology allows the use of porcelain to make crowns and bridges that do not require an underlying metal substructure for strength. What this means is no more unattractive gray line created at the gum line. Also all porcelain restorations are bonded to tooth structure to give the tooth greater strength and to prevent bacteria from leaking under the restoration.


Porcelain veneers are very thin shells of beautiful light reflecting porcelain which are bonded to the surfaces of teeth. The result is an instant increase in the brilliance of your smile. Custom porcelain veneers can change the lives of both women and men by giving them increased confidence and self assurance that results from having an attractive smile. Changes corrected with porcelain veneers include altering the shape or size of teeth, filling in small gaps between teeth, and correcting slight misalignments to give teeth a straight appearance.


Many things in our day to day life cause discoloration of tooth enamel. Age, coffee, black tea, cola drinks, tobacco, and red wine over time reduce the once bright white appearance of our teeth. Grieshober Dental utilizes a custom made home bleaching tray whitening system which is a very effective method for brightening your smile. It takes only 30-60 minutes every night for 7-14 days to give you the beautiful, brighter smile you’re looking for.


Laser gum treatment at Grieshober Dental addresses many gum problems without pain or worry. The laser is used as a cosmetic procedure to improve a gummy smile, to treat gum disease, to help bleeding or sore gums, to heal deep gum pockets, and to combat the tooth loss or damage due to gum disease. Using the laser, ultrasonic scalers, and hand instruments, the gum pockets and root surfaces are now clean and encourage your natural healing processes to return the gum pocket to health. Laser gum treatment stops bacterial activity instantly by killing the bacteria in the pocket. There is little to no bleeding because the laser seals the tissue as it treats it. Since tooth roots are not exposed there is less root sensitivity compared to previously used gum pocket treatments.


CEREC is advanced dental technology that allows all natural looking esthetic porcelain restorations to be made in the office at the time the tooth is prepared. This means no impressions, temporary restorations, and second visit to have the permanent restoration bonded to the tooth. Digital impressions are made, the restoration is designed and milled from a solid porcelain block and custom shaded resulting in a precise fitting and highly esthetic restoration. ALL this in one visit!

Dr. Grieshober is an extremely skilled dentist with a highly trained eye to provide you a pleasing cosmetic result. Course work completed at Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies gives Dr. Grieshober an expertise possessed by less than 1% of dentists nationwide. This level of dental education allows Grieshober Dental to help you make a confident, informed decision about changing the appearance of your teeth and smile.


Grieshober Dental is equipped with an in office dental lab. All dentures and partial dentures are custom designed and fabricated using only the finest materials by Dr. Grieshober. Same day relines and repairs are available.

If you are having difficulty with loose or unstable dentures or partials dental implants may be the answer. Carefully placed implants can firmly retain your dentures or partial and let you do all the things you could do with your natural teeth.